Italian version
Mobì is a family owned company founded by Mr. Mariano Boni, the President, with more than 30 years experience and know-how in the furniture and home design market, that has turned a small high quality woodwork into a very high technology manufacturing company focuses to develop high quality living and furnishing solutions and innovative standards.

Thanks to its project/technical department equipped with innovative programs for executive parametric planning and advanced numerically controlled machines, Mobì has become a specialist in designing homes, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, executive offices, hospitality centres and clinics, and a partner of well known planning and design studios.

The company established in 1982, is specialized in custom-made furniture and complements of furnishing in Italy, but since some years Mobì do business also with foreign countries.

Mobì is a manufacturer of high craftsmanship addressed to interior design solutions, able to produce any types of furnishings with a direct control on raw materials and on the quality level of the final product.
We believe that the right furniture is very important for private housing and also for common and public areas, in order to give a pleasant perception of the environment. The headquarters with the new exhibition and a wide range of materials and finishes is the right meeting point for clients and professionals to have personal skilled solutions.